Collaboration for Profit

Data sets on the platform are for sale.

Data owners get paid for owning the data, the validators are compensated for enriching the data, and the consumer receives credits for reporting corrections and updates. The trackability of the platform allows a fair and transparent redistribution of the value created along the data value chain.

Quantitatively Fair

Upon registration of a data set, Marcetor stamps the data and performs conformance tests. 

Further, the validators, data processors, and Subject Matter Experts validate the data content using the algorithms appropriate for a given data set in the specific industry context. Those quantitative assessments are recorded and tracked to fairly redistribute the value created.

Making It Objective

Making It Safe

Privacy and Security by Design

Data is your IP.

Privacy, confidentiality, and security are at the core of the platform. You have full control of what and with whom you share your data. Additionally, you have transparency into the downstream usage of your data on the platform.

A Community of Trusted Partners

We create the introduction between companies, clients, or partners based on a data need.

Each participant is initially vetted by the platform (KYC, AML) and is continuously rated by peers. This rating is based on feedback and transparent metrics.

Making It Personal